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Through professional foreign trade team and engineering technology team, we can guarantee that we can provide reliable water treatment related products to customers all over the world and that we can do one-stoshopping .

  • Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser

    Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser

    The energy-saving design is used in the design of the disc diffuser during the intermittent and continual aeration; it has low installation cost, high...

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of highly intelligent and reliable flowmeter researched and developed with international advanced...

  • Sewage Treatment Online DO Analyzer

    Sewage Treatment Online DO Analyzer

    Online dissolved oxygen analyzer The industrial online dissolved oxygen analyzer is a kind of totally new dissolved oxygen analyzer research by our company....

  • Fibre Ball Filtering Material

    Fibre Ball Filtering Material

    Fiber ball filtering material Brief introduction The fibre ball filtering material is made by bundling the fibre silks, and comparing with the traditional...

  • Columnar Activated Carbon

    Columnar Activated Carbon

    Column-shape active carbon Technical indexes Index parameters Gas processing The raw materials of the active carbon used for wasted gas processing are the...

  • Sewage Treatment Anionic Polyacrylamide

    Sewage Treatment Anionic Polyacrylamide

    Sewage treatment CPAM is the high-molecular polymer which is soluble in water, and it is mainly used in the flocculation and sedimentation of various...


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We provide the most complete product customization service, if you need other products, we can provide as peryour request, welcome to contact us!

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Main Areas Of Wastewater Treatment

Main Areas Of Wastewater Treatment‚ÄčAll kinds of hot water boilers, central air conditioning, heat exchange system, home central air-conditioning system, wall-mounted boilers.