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Installation of disc aerator
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The aeration device is composed of aerator, air duct, tee, four pass, elbow, adjuster, connecting piece, cleaning device and so on. Air duct According to the usual ring arrangement, aerator according to the amount of air supply and pool-shaped layout density, aerator and air duct connection using G3/4 threaded connection, the base for the internal thread (fixed on the air duct) aerator for the external thread, the installation of the regulator according to the required size with expansion bolts fixed to the bottom of the pool, Then use the hoop to fix the air duct on the regulator, in order to prevent other operations such as welding sparks and civil engineering, concrete and other heavy damage to the aeration device, must wait for the completion of the civil works before the release of the aerator installed, in order to prevent the pipeline and connection part of the leak, should be more than 10cm of water aerator leakage, Then ventilation, if found to have a pipe connection part of the leak should be promptly ruled out, and then formally put into operation.