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Mechanism of flocculant
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The mechanism of flocculation is the two processes of coagulation and flocculation. The agglomeration process is a process in which colloidal particles are destabilized and form fine aggregates, and the flocculation process is a process in which fine aggregates formed form a large volume of flocs under the bridge of flocculants.

Coagulation is a quantitative process from small to large particles, and flocculation is a qualitative change process when the quantitative process reaches a certain degree. Flocculation is a result of agglomeration consisting of several agglutination effects. Cohesion is the cause of flocculation. The mechanism of studying flocculation, the nature of flocculating polyaluminium chloride, the nature of colloids or suspended solids, and the science of various conditions affecting flocculation