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Waste Water Treatment Filler classification
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Modern sewage treatment technology can be divided into one, two and three levels according to the degree of treatment.

The primary treatment mainly removes the suspended solid pollutants from the sewage, and most of the physical treatment methods can only fulfill the requirements of the primary treatment. After one level of treatment, BOD can generally be removed by 30% or less. The primary treatment is pretreatment of two stage treatment.

Secondary treatment mainly removes organic pollutants (BOD, COD) which are colloidal and dissolved in sewage. The removal rate can reach more than 90%, so that the organic pollutants meet the discharge standards.

Three-stage treatment, further treatment of refractory organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus can lead to eutrophication of water soluble inorganic substances. The main methods are biological denitrification and phosphorus removal, coagulation and sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and electroosmosis analysis.