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Application Range Of Flowmeter
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Flow measurement is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, scientific research, foreign trade and people's lives in various fields. In the oil industry production, from the oil mining, transportation, refining and processing to trade sales, flow measurement throughout the whole process, any link can not be separated from the flow of flowmeter, otherwise it will not be able to guarantee the normal production of oil industry and trade contacts. In the chemical industry, the flow measurement is not accurate will cause the distribution of chemical composition imbalance, can not guarantee product quality, serious production safety accidents will occur. In the power industry production, the liquid, gas, steam and other media flow measurement and regulation occupies an important position. The accuracy of flowmeter is not only of great economic significance to ensure the operation of power plant under the optimal parameters, but with the development of high-temperature and high-capacity unit, flow measurement has become an important link to ensure the safe operation of power plant.