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Common Medicament For Sewage Treatment
- Sep 21, 2018 -

1, Flocculant: can effectively separate stubborn substances from the liquid, often used in the initial sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, three-level treatment or depth treatment process, mainly using polyacrylamide.

2, Coagulant: Auxiliary flocculant to play a role in strengthening the coagulation effect.

3, conditioning agent: dehydration before the residual sludge conditioning.

4, Demulsifier: Mainly used in the pretreatment of oily wastewater.

5, defoaming Agent: Mainly used to eliminate the aeration or stirring process produced a large number of bubbles.

6, ph adjustment agent: used to regulate the acid and alkaline of sewage.

7, redox agent: Mainly used in the treatment of waste water containing oxides or reducing substances.

8, disinfectant: Used in waste water discharge or before reuse disinfection treatment. 

9, microbial flocculant: water, water reuse purification use, safe and non-toxic.