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Scope Of Application Of Sewage Treatment Filter
- Sep 18, 2018 -

1. The filtration---of industrial water has certain system requirements for water quality.

such as: steel plant oxygen gun water, boilers, heat exchanger water supply filtration, can filter out the impurities in the water, to avoid the blockage of several nozzles in the pipeline.

2. Filtration system for industrial circulating water.

3. The treatment of raw water---can be on the surface of the river, lake, seawater, reservoir water, well and urban water as the water source of the urban area of the water supply, such as water filtration, remove sand particles, suspended solids, algae, organic matter and so on.

4. Agricultural irrigation---particularly suitable for high-flow, impurity-content water sources, such as irrigation for irrigation, parks and golf courses on the lawn. 

5. Food processing industry water, paper industry, power plant industrial circulating water treatment, industrial and medical use of purified water pretreatment.

Industrial production of water recycling, industrial wastewater treatment. 

6. Industries such as aquaculture, swimming and water parks.