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Sewage Treatment Filler

  • Fibre Ball Filtering Material

    Fibre Ball Filtering Material

    Fiber ball filtering material Brief introduction The fibre ball filtering material is made by bundling the fibre silks, and comparing with the traditional steel particle filtering material, it has the advantages of good elastic effect, no floating on water surface, large...Read More

  • Sewage Treatment Combined Filler

    Sewage Treatment Combined Filler

    Sewage treatment Combined filler The application range It is used in the sewage and wasted water processing engineering, and it is also used in the contacting oxidization, oxidization pool, oxidization socket and other equipment. It is a kind of biological carrier to process...Read More

  • Sewage Treatment Elastic Filler

    Sewage Treatment Elastic Filler

    Sewage treatment Elastic filler General description The elastic filler is developed on the basis of soft packing and hemi-soft packing, and it has the advantages of the both. Its structure is the double-ring large plastic ring pressed and formed with the plastic round pieces;...Read More

  • Suspended Ball Packing

    Suspended Ball Packing

    Suspended ball packing Product Introduction: The suspended ball padding material is a kind of suspended padding material with no rest mud, which is the latest product developed on the basic of many wastewater treatment padding materials. Application: It mainly used as the...Read More

  • Multi Surface Hollow Ball Packing

    Multi Surface Hollow Ball Packing

    Multi-surface hollow ball packing The multi-surface hollow ball packing is manufactured into a sphere shape with polypropylene plastic, and there is fixing ring in the middle of the ball along the entire peripheral length, and there are 12 sphere pedals over and under the...Read More

  • Inclined Tube Packing

    Inclined Tube Packing

    The inclined tube packing The cell packing can be divided into two kinds, and they are used in inclined tube and straight pipe, and their material includes PP, PVC and FRP. The inclined tube is mainly used in the sand elimination at the water inlet and outlet of the water...Read More

  • Sewage Treatment Bauer Ring

    Sewage Treatment Bauer Ring

    Bauer ring Bauer ring is manufactured on the basis of large improvement of Raschig ring. Though the external diameter of the ring equals to the height, there are two rows of windows with tongue pieces extending inwardly on the circular wall, there are five tongue pieces on...Read More

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